Evora İstanbul

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Project Details

  • Name of Project
    Evora İstanbul Project
  • Type of Project
  • Place of Project
    İstanbul - Tuzla
  • Principal
    Teknik Yapı
  • Contractor Company
    Teknik Yapı
  • Commencement and Completion Date
    2012 - 2015

Project Features

Evora İstanbul, constructed on a land of 300 decares, embodies all your needs just as another city in the city. The square, which is at the very heart of this project consisting of 44 blocks and 5 regions hosting more than 20.000 persons, is the point of meeting with your neighbors. This project embraces a sports center, providing a complete service ranging from squash to spa, a kindergarten, banks, PTT (Turkish Mail Administration) and a large hypermarket in addition to 3 different shopping roads. Outdoor swimming pools, playgrounds, and football, basketball and volleyball fields, which are all specific to each region, are available in the project, where you can easily go from a place to another through the shuttle service. Open and closed car parks, playgrounds and many more sociocultural life pluses.

Constructed next to Pendik Marina, the apple of the city's eye, and Tuzla Shipyards, Evora İstanbul is very close to the sea and E-5 highway. You can not only easily go to the city center through the TEM connection and Marmaray but also reach the Sabiha Gokcen Airport within a short period of around 7 minutes, and can fly anywhere without struggling with the traffic jam. Do you feel like taking the sea route? You can easily reach Bursa, Yalova or Balikesir by taking the ferryboats or sea buses departing from Pendik.

Details of Concrete Used in The Project

  • Total Amount of Concrete
    400.000 m³ (About 150.000 ton-cement has been used in the project.)
  • Classes and Amounts of Concrete
    C 30/35/40