42 Maslak

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Project Details

  • Name of Project
    42 Maslak Project
  • Type of Project
    Residence, Housing
  • Place of Project
    İstanbul - Maslak
  • Principal
    Bay İnşaat
  • Contractor Company
    Bay İnşaat
  • Commencement and Completion Date
    2010 - 2014

Project Features

Initiated to be constructed upon obtainment of the license in October 2010, 42 Maslak, which is under construction in the very heart of Istanbul, is the most extensive project consisting of 4 different concepts integrated with each other. 42 Maslak Project, constructed in the very heart of Istanbul Maslak, will be built on an area of total 250.000 m2 embracing not only 442 residences at two towers with 42 floors each, projected on a land area of 39.000 m2, but also 16 tower penthouses, 5-star hotels with 20.000 m2 and horizontal office area of 48.000 m2 as well as shopping and living areas of 32.000 m2, and will create difference with its unique concept appealing to different tastes. Thanks to its architectural design; pool, fitness center, sauna and vapor baths will be available on the 25th floor of the 42 Maslak, where one can access between different areas such as residences, offices, social areas, shops, restaurants, bars and clubs.

Details of Concrete Used in The Project

  • Total Amount of Concrete
    200.000 m³ (About 90.000 ton-cement has been used in the project.)
  • Classes and Amounts of Concrete
    C 40/50